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Patterned Language - Trip 2002

"O for a thousand tongues to sing praises unto Thee, O for a thousand hands to raise in honor to the king."

As those words resound through my soul, I am reminded of the thousands of deaf who have yet to acquire enough language to understand Who the King is and more than that, to know that he gave his life to become their Lord and King.

The International Curriculum Meeting, of which I was a part in Jamaica, was all about giving Deaf the language/education with which to gain an understanding of King Jesus. The projected
trips into Nicaragua and Colombia have the same goal. I will be working with already established schools to provide a written language system which is used to teach written language to Deaf people. This will give them the ability to read God's Word and grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The following pictures are from the past trip to Jamaica.

2002 Spring Trip - Jamaica
Group Photo Knockpatrick Teachers Patterned Language Booth

Montego Bay Teachers Kingston Teachers

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