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The acronym "D-E-A-F" stands for Deaf Evangelical Agencies in Fellowship…for Christ. This coalition has five founding agencies. (1) Christian Deaf Fellowship of Birmingham, AL (2) Deaf Missions in Council Bluffs, IA. (3) Deaf Video Communication of Carol Stream, IL (4) Gospel Ministries for the Deaf in Vancouver, WA and (5) World Mission Society of El Paso, TX. The CEO of these five organizations forms the Facilitation Team. Rev. Ray Berry of CDF serves as Executive Director.

D-E-A-F for Christ is a cooperative venture with evangelical denominations serving the Deaf. It is by partnering together that we can focus resources and energy on tasks that none of us have been able to successfully do alone. This program of the Education Coalition is but one example.

Priorities for action come from a consensus of all participants. Gospel Ministries for the Deaf (GMD) was asked to put together a Task Force in 1998 to create this Education Coalition. We have sought partnership with existing Christian educational institutions to provide credit for this course work. Gardner-Webb University (GWU) in Boiling Spring, NC has officially adopted our program and will provide credit for the curriculum at the undergraduate level.

This means that any student with two years of college in any other Christian college/university or Bible college may apply to D-E-A-F for this program. Credits may then be transferred from GWU to the Christian college/university, Bible College, or community college that the student may be attending or planning to attend to finish a bachelor's degree.

Consideration will be given to Deaf persons now serving as a pastor to the Deaf who have only a high school diploma. Such potential students should apply and await the decision of the registrar as to possible admission to the program.

GMD is negotiating with a leading seminary in the country to adopt our program. Keep checking on our website for a future announcement. If and when this happens, then students who have a degree from an accredited college/university or Bible college, may apply for seminary credit for these courses through this seminary. These credits will be transferable to a seminary near you if you so choose.

Deaf Evangelical Agencies in Fellowship for Christ

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