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Registration Information

Registration may be done at either GMD - Distance Learning Programs page, click on 'Registration Form'. You also can register at the D-E-A-F web site by clicking on 'Education Connection'.
The deadline for the first course is August 26, 2002. Late registration will be accepted up to September 20, 2002 with a $25.00 late fee. Any lessons missed to that point may be recalled from the archives in order that the student to catch up with other class members. Credit will be granted by Gardner-Webb University. For a listing of future classes and dates log onto either the GMD-Registration or D-E-A-F web sites.
Contact us for more information and of future dates.


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…as undergraduate students:
1.  To take a course for university credit you must apply using the registration form and pay the tuition fee of $300 per course, plus a $25 registration fee. All courses will be for 3 credits.

Christian interpreters for the Deaf may take these courses for continuing education credit for renewing their certification.

2.  To take a course for non-credit apply in the same manner. Tuition for non-credit is $100 plus $12.50 registration fee.

Notice: Registration fee ($25 for Credit and $12.50 for non-credit) is not refundable. Fifty percent (50%) of tuition is refundable if student drops the course within two weeks of the beginning date.

The primary language of instruction is ASL-two years experience is recommended.
Non-credit courses may not be changed to credit courses at any future time.
To complete a degree program you must have completed high school.

…as graduate students:
1.  Must be admitted as a student at the seminary (to be announced) and

Must also apply to D-E-A-F to receive password on the web for course materials).


Financial arrangements for graduate credit will be announced later.

A limited number of students can apply to take these courses for non-credit. Students taking the course for credit will have priority for the openings in the program. Persons now serving as pastors to the Deaf will have first priority for the slots open for audit (non-credit).

…that you are paying only a fraction of the cost to bring these courses to you! Without the financial support of a wonderful Christian Foundation, this program would not exist!

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